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KUALA LUMPUR: A collective assignment force has bedfast 25 Vietnamese fishing argosy for actionable fishing. Image Source: cloudinary.com Image Source: boatus.com The argosy were bedfast during Ops Naga, which complex the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency(MMEA), Royal Malaysia Navy, Royal Malaysia Air Force, badge and Fisheries Department. The Home Admiral in a account on Saturday (May […]

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Hundreds of Bangladeshi fishermen staged a beef in the country’s south on Sunday, badge said, afterwards the government imposed an aberrant two-month continued fishing ban on the Bay of Bengal. Image Source: pinimg.com Image Source: homedepot-static.com Carrying placards and banners, the fishermen marched to Cox’s Bazar burghal from littoral villages canicule afterwards the government’s 65-day […]

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By Johnny Wood  Image Source: alicdn.com Image Source: boaterschoice.ca Among the world’s toughest business industries, fishing ranks abreast the top – a actuality brought home to a all-around admirers by the TV show, “Deadliest Catch”. Whether recreational, allotment or commercial, fishing requires some austere abundant lifting. And the concrete challenges of activity aboard a trawler […]